The Respect Filter

Rose-colored glassesQ: What is the most meaningful recognition you have ever received?

A: My manager asked that I not take vacation at the same time as he does

How many employees would see this as recognition, let alone the most meaningful they have ever received? Yet, this is an actual example provided during a workshop I was facilitating. This story provides insight into the Respect Filter.

You’ve heard of viewing the world through rose-colored glasses? Well, respected team members view their leaders through those same rose-colored glasses. They see recognition in every action and reaction. In the example above the message was:

“You are so important. I count on you too much for us both to be gone at the same time.”

Conversely, if people do not feel respected they will be suspicious of all recognition efforts. They will wonder what you are after.

How do people interpret your actions? Take a look at through the respect filter to see.

Do you have a story of recognition that illustrates the Respect Filter? Please share it!

 Copyright 2007 Cindy Ventrice


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My work has been quoted in The New York Times, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Workforce Magazine, and Tim Sanders' book The Likeability Factor.

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