The Millennials Are Coming

Morley Safer did a segment on 60 Minutes (November 11) on the new generation of American workers (born 1980 to 1995). The people he interviewed talked about a generation that was raised to believe they were special, who had fewer part-time jobs than earlier generations, and who are ready to move back in with Mom and Dad in a heartbeat.

 I have written before on the needs of younger workers. They do have high expectations. They expect more feedback, more access to their managers, and more flexibility. But manage them well and they can be highly productive workers. Here are some ideas that will help you connect with youngest members of your workforce.

  • Have frequent 1:1 meetings.
  • Elicit their opinions and explain your decision-making process.
  • Give challenging assignments and provide guidance rather than directives.

Are you a “millennial?” Tell me what creates a motivating work environment for you.
Do you manage “millennials?” Tell me what works for you and what challenges you face. 

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