Memorable Gifts

Memorable GiftsI remember years ago, when I worked for a technology company, my manager did something that I still remember. It wasn’t a big thing, but it stuck with me just the same.

We were very busy that year, with lots of long days for our small office of five women. Now, the year was coming to an end, and our office was relatively quiet.

Late one afternoon, our manager called us into her office and announced that we had earned a reward for all our hard work that year. She explained that we were to get together and schedule one afternoon off for each of us in the coming week. We could use the time to finish our holiday shopping, get a massage, or whatever we wished. The point was to do something that would reduce our overall stress.

What made this memorable for me was that she combined a “timely” gift with her message of gratitude, acknowledged our pre-holiday anxieties, and did it all without putting any kind of a burden on the department or the company.

That was a memorable gift tied up with a beautiful bow.

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