Learning Paths — The Evolution of Training

Learning PathsTraining people quickly, and providing the information they want and need is critical to employee engagement. With that in mind, here is a book that is worth a look: 

Learning Paths, co-published by Wiley and The American Society of Training & Development (ASTD), is the brainchild of authors Steve Rosenbaum and Jim Williams, who say that their methodology is making training more realistic and accelerating the development process at the same time (more info see www.learningpathconsultants.com).

The typical training process starts with a needs assessment to determine performance and business needs. Then course objectives are determined and a detailed training program curriculum follows. Following the training participants and managers give feedback on content, delivery and performance. The feedback process assesses whether the training program fulfilled what it said it would, not whether the right things were taught the right way to begin with.

Learning Paths involves  re-engineering this process from start to finish. According to Rosenbaum, “Usually there’s a lot of wandering around. Learning happens when someone has time to show you. A lot of things happen after training that ought to be either included in the training or written down. When people get out of training they start to ask questions as they struggle. And they’re usually the same questions all the time. Why wait for people to ask the question? Let’s put the questions back into the training.”

Learning Paths is an interesting approach to training that seems likely to improve engagement and productivity, while reducing costs. It’s worth a read!


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