This weekend I heard Robert Fripp speak. Fripp was/is a founding member and guitarist for King Crimson. His most recent composition is the opening sound for Microsoft Windows Vista.

A thoughtful speaker, Fripp talked, among other things, about the commitment and long hours that it takes to master any craft.

Of course, given my passion, I immediately applied the concept to recognition. To master the ability to recognize effectively, to be really successful in creating a motivating work environment, takes time and work. And though, Fripp calls this commitment to mastery “getting out of bed each morning,” he explains that it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

In his story he told of spending hours at his day job, practicing his instrument, driving to gigs, playing late into the evening, driving home, and then sleeping for no more than a couple of hours before he had to get out of bed and start again.

This is ‘getting out of bed.’ It is the dedication and commitment he demonstrated, as much as the raw talent he possessed that made him successful. The same is true with managers who are building recognition muscle.

Here is a note I received recently, “It’s been about two years since I bought and read your book [Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works,] and about a year that I have been getting your email tips [].  Guess what?  It’s only now that it is starting to sink in and I find myself implementing your advice in a more natural way.”

Mastery. Creating a motivating environment definitely isn’t easy to do. It takes time to build the habits that will make you a “natural.” You have to be willing to “get out of bed in the morning” and practice the art of recognition.

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