Work Relationship Inventory for Managers and Supervisors

Because even the greatest managers can generally benefit from a bit of self assessment, I have decided to share this assessment tool with you.

By the way, the questions are valid for everyone, not just managers and supervisors…

The purpose of this inventory is to help managers and supervisors assess and improve their working relationships. What follows are some of the questions from this inventory along with my commentary.

Do the people you work with value the recognition you are currently giving them?

This question comes first because it is an excellent barometer of the health of your work relationships.  If the answer is no, or not as much as you believe they should value it, you will have one or two more areas that could use a bit of tweaking.

Two more questions:

Do people trust you? 
Do you trust the people you work with?

Trust is at the core of working relationship.
When you trust your team, they feel valued.
When they trust you, they give you the benefit of the doubt.

Do you communicate clear expectations?   
Do you listen to employee expectations and aspirations?

The way you handle expectations plays a large part in developing trust. Communicate clearly and honestly. Listen attentively and act appropriately. For information on a tool that can help employees assess and communicate their expectations in a positive manner, click here.

Do people ever laugh or joke in your presence?  
Do people feel comfortable sharing concerns? 

These two allude to how comfortable people are with you. If you keep your sense of humor (you have one right?!?) even during difficult times you will improve in both of these areas.

Can you provide a resounding yes!! to each of these questions? If so, feel free to complete the assessment. If no, what are you going to do differently?

When you are finished, leave a comment on what else you believe should be included.


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