Pride as Employee Recognition

In Make Their Day  I talk about the recognition that is inherent in working for an organization that employees are proud of. It may be that the company produces a great product or performs a valuable service. It may be the organization is making a significant effort to become a “green” enterprise. It may be that the company is heavily involved in the community.

It is valuable recognition when people can say “I work for _____” with pride in their voices. Their affiliation provides recognition.

When the organization is a social service nonprofit, pride comes relatively easy. It is a little more difficult for a for-profit corporation. It requires an internal and external PR effort coupled with real work to create something employees can be proud of.

 Do you say “I work for _______” with pride? I would love to hear your story. Tell me about your organization. What do they do that creates this sense of pride? Lets provide some positive press for some terrific organizations!


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  1. 1 Steve Lincoln September 23, 2008 at 11:23 am


    You’ve touched what seems to me to be the heart of the subject, which is satisfaction at being involved with the job at all. I find my work with recognizing employees in other companies with our gold records to be very satisfying, with the good feedback we get from our happy clients. I’ve got a sort of second generation recognition since that’s our business to begin with 🙂

    Thanks for your immersion in and contribution to this important work.

    Steve Lincoln
    Gold Records Custom Made

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