Time Off Is Most Preferred Employee Recognition Spot Award

In my recent study  I found that the most popular low-cost award for recognition of work on a project or assignment is time off.

A full 56 percent chose time off over gift cards or certificates, electronics, or trophies/plaques for spot awards to recognize short term achievement.

The purpose of this study was to find generational differences in preferences. The difference in preference for time off was small. There was some variation according to age, however the majority of respondents in each age group listed time off as their number one choice.

In second place was gift cards and certificates, with 34 percent listing these are their first choice.

This is good news for companies struggling in these difficult economic times. Reward individual employees with tokens good for an hour or two to use at their discretion. Reward teams with an afternoon off to celebrate the completion of a project.

Just remember to express your heartfelt appreciation, because that is far more important than the award.

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P.S. Have you ever received time off as an reward? How was it presented? Was it meaningful to you?

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1 Response to “Time Off Is Most Preferred Employee Recognition Spot Award”

  1. 1 Metzen December 10, 2008 at 11:55 pm

    i came across your article. In the present economic situation, companies do look at money spending. So the story is the same when it comes for employee engagement also. Your suggestion of time-off is a good suggestion, and is itching my brain to give a try. Are there other options? Pl advise. Keep Posting. Thanks.

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